March 26, 2018
Contact: Center for Nonviolent Solutions


Michael Langa and Mukesh Baral teach conflict management and analysis to students in Global Citizenship and Community Engagement

Worcester, MA, March 26, 2018 – On Tuesday, March 20, and Thursday, March 22, students in Professor Ales Jug's Global Citizenship and Community Engagement course at Becker college heard from Center instructors Michael Langa and Mukesh Baral about conflict management and analysis.

Michael Langa's class on Tuesday focused on conflict analysis and basic tools for conflict assessment, such as the Conflict is Like Fire resource from the Caritas curriculum and the Source and Type of Conflict Wheel used by ACCORD (African Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes).

On Thursday, Mukesh Baral guided the class through conflict management and transformation, including such styles as problem solving, negotiation, and mediation.

Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Executive Director for Global Initiatives at Becker College, said she was thrilled to have Langa and Baral on board.

"This course, as well as the mission and core values of Becker College, embrace the teaching of conflict transformation and peacemaking," she said. "Our world today needs young people to take an interest in social justice and service to others."

She went on to describe the need for students to learn solutions to social challenges. "One way to do this is through increasing the peace building capacities in our students so that they can make a positive difference in the world," she said.

Professor Jug echoed Pallatto-Fontaine's sentiment.

"Inviting instructors from the Center for Nonviolent Solutions to come and talk to the Global Citizenship program students was something that we felt was just right for an addition to the course content and the work we are doing in the classroom", he said.

Board member and instructor Mukesh Baral was pleased with the students' active participation in his Thursday session.

"I believe they have learned skills from problem solving to negotiation that can help them to deal with their everyday conflicts peacefully," he said. "The skills to manage and resolve conflicts have to enter into every classroom in America…I think CNVS has the expertise to take a lead to make that necessary change in Worcester."

Founded in 2008, the Center for Nonviolent Solutions, is a 501 (c) 3 organization working to promote a culture of peace in Worcester and beyond. Its programs teach students, teachers and youth workers skills in mediation and nonviolent conflict resolution.  The Center has also offered trainings for teachers in the history of nonviolent movements that successfully addressed injustices and inequities without resorting to violence.

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Students at Becker College engage with CNVS instructor and board member Mukesh Baral as he teaches them about conflict management.