Capacity Building & Training

Social Justice Happy Hour

Healthy Power

An eight-week program/discussion for a small group of middle-school male students. Participants understand and identify characteristics of healthy relationships and healthy masculinity, learn skills to handle and transform anger and conflict constructively, and to employ nonviolent communication skills. Taught in conjunction with school counselor or teacher to ensure students receive ongoing support.

Curriculum includes, in part:

  • Exploring how conflict escalates and can be de-escalated
  • Handling anger constructively
  • Analyzing societal views of masculinity
  • Developing healthy friendships and relationships

Location: This program is currently provided in collaboration with Sullivan Middle School and was previously offered at University Park Campus School. 

“Before I don’t think I was going down the right path. I actually thought violence was okay, that it was everywhere in my city, my family. A lot of people were using it around me. Since starting the class for nonviolent solutions, I’ve actually seen a dramatic change in the way I view the world. When you use nonviolence and speak with using your words, you gain respect on a much greater scale. And the class taught me how to obtain that respect, not by using violence but by using my mind.” 

–Student participant