Direct Youth Programming

Peer Mediation Training & Support

Designed for middle or high school students interested in mediating conflicts between their peers throughout the school year. With support from staff, pairs of students provide a confidential process for student disputants to discuss conflict and ideally come to a mutually beneficial solution. For example in one academic year the Peer Mediator in one school helped peers work through differences in more than 75 cases.

In part, entails:                                                     

  • 15-hours of intensive training and role-play practice for new Peer Mediators
  • Assistance with outreach and program establishment within the school
  • Mediation intake, process and agreement forms
  • Ongoing support via role play and skill-refresher training
  • Additional, specialized training as needed

Location: This training and program support has occurred at University Park Campus School, Claremont Academy, and Sullivan Middle School.

Voices of Peace