Our Educational Programs

Joe_and_Claremont_PMed_at_Ann_Mtg.jpgJoe O'Brien, CNVS Board member, presenting Peer Mediators at Claremont Academy with a Community Peacemaker Award, 2014

Youth Programs: Nonviolence Education and Social-Emotional Learning

At the Center for Nonviolent Solutions we regard conflict as a natural part of life, and our K-12 programs provide youth with the knowledge and skills needed to transform conflict toward peaceful resolutions. Our course offerings range from introductory lessons in conflict assessment and transformation to more skill-specific training in peer mediation. Our units on active listening and empathy cultivation align with schools’ growing interest in social and emotional learning. Our profiles of peace-builders, past and present, provide students with concrete, nonviolent examples of perseverance. Pausing to practice mindfulness and exploring new concepts and skills through cooperative games are keystones of our work with youth. 

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  • Increase the Peace skill-building training for freshman students.
  • Conflict Management skill-building for inner-city camp counselors.
  • Academic enrichment through incorporating our concepts/skills into math, language arts, science curricula etc.
  • School-wide incorporation of our C.L.E.A.R. and M.A.P.I.T. tools for conflict assessment and transformation.
  • Leadership/Peacebuilding Training through summer camps in conflict assessment and transformation, cultivating empathy, and healthy relationships.