Youth Defining Peace

Students at Sullivan Middle School continue to inspire and teach us as we work together on developing knowledge and skills related to conflict and peace.

In last week’s after school program we asked students for their own definitions of peace and humbly share them with you:

  • Peace is respecting others so that they respect you. Peace is not only giving your opinion in a peaceful way but listening to the other persons opinion and respecting it.
  • Peace to me is being human and treating yourself and others with respect. And doing things to hold ourselves together and make things calm.
  • Peace is life, not death.
  • Peace means to be happy and nice.
  • Peace to me is somewhere that everyone is respectful and non-violent.
  • Peace to me is making the world a better place.
  • Peace is being calm.
  • Peace means tranquility.
  • Peace is being with people when they need a hand.
  • Peace means having good ideas with others and not fighting others.
  • Peace means to be friendly.
  • Peace means to not judge others.
  • Peace is like relaxing.
  • Peace means not starting problems.

Thank you to all the students who continue to share of themselves, their stories, and their wisdom as together we work to build a deeper understanding, practice, and culture of peace, not only in the schools but in our homes and community too.