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CNVS Education Coordinator Claire Schaeffer-Duffy speaks on the joys and challenges of running a high school peer mediation. Come learn how kids can play an important role in creating a culture of peace within their school. Discussion to follow. Lots of good resources available on how to start your own peer mediation program.

Thursday, November 30th

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Sahara Restaurant
143 Highland Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Bring a friend. Appetizers are on us.

Background: Ms. Schaeffer-Duffy, Dan Margolis, and Matt Shorten are in year two of co-facilitating a peer mediation program at Claremont Academy. Using a sequential process, high school students help “battling” middle schoolers find a nonviolent resolution to their conflict. Claremont now has two cohorts of trained peer mediators. In addition to negotiating mediations, these mediators will soon be facilitating school advisories. Claremont’s story, a tale of challenges as well as successes, represents one small effort to build a culture of peace within a school using its greatest resource – the students themselves.