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Warheads to Windmills: The Nuclear Ban Treaty and the Green New Deal
featuring Timmon Wallis, PhD and Vicki Elson of NuclearBan.US and US Representative Jim McGovern
Wednesday, April 29, 2020


An initiative of NuclearBan.US ( http://www.nuclearban.us/w2w/) , Wallis’ report details what it will take to adequately address the climate crisis and where the needed funds and scientific and engineering expertise could come from: the nuclear weapons program.

“These weapons threaten our very existence as a species. And so does the climate crisis. But if we eliminate nuclear weapons, we can convert an industry of death to an industry of life. We can shift massive amounts of money and scientific talent to green technologies we need to survive – and we can create millions of jobs.” – Timmon Wallis

List of the action items here: http://www.nuclearban.us/w2w-action-steps/

Co-sponsored by: Central Mass 350.org, Mothers Out Front, Regional Environmental Council, Mass Peace Action, New England War Resisters League