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Stand-out Noon to 1:00 p.m.
September 26, 2020 – UN International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Lincoln Square
Worcester, MA 01610

Join us in this intersectional event demanding elimination of nuclear weapons and the release of billions of federal dollars to fund life sustaining needs for people and the planet.  Nuclear warheads, weapons of mass destruction, threaten world security and promote the risk of nuclear omnicide.

Events are scheduled so far in Bridgewater, Brookline, Cambridge, Easthampton, Greenfield, Needham, Newton, Northampton, Roslindale, Sunderland and Worcester, Massachusetts, and also in Chicago; Milwaukee; Binghamton, NY; Montclair, NJ; Portland, ME; and Maloy, IA.

Parking located in back of Lincoln Square. Please wear masks.

Many thanks to our friends at Mass Peace Action for initiating this statewide event. The Center’s stand-out in Worcester is part of Campaign Nonviolence.

“Nuclear weapons present an unacceptable danger to humanity. The only real way to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons is to eliminate nuclear weapons.”
– UN Secretary-General António Guterres