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Transforming Schools Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution:
An evening with Robin Wildman, Executive Director of Nonviolent Schools Rhode Island
A virtual event that is free and open to the public
7:00 p.m    -Register Here-

Robin Wildman has been a senior level Kingian Nonviolence practitioner and teacher for twenty years, and a public school teacher for twenty-eight years (recently retired). Presently, she is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Nonviolent Schools RI, which is a result of her desire to train those who work in the field of education in Kingian Nonviolence, so that they can work towards institutionalizing the philosophy and conflict reconciliation strategies. She has conducted workshops, given lectures, and trained hundreds of adults and children in methods to address and reconcile conflict, used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She is the author of a Kingian nonviolence curriculum, used nationally and internationally, and a post-training reflection journal. Robin has worked closely for twenty years with her mentor, and the honorary board chair of Nonviolent Schools RI, legendary civil rights leader Bernard LaFayette Jr.