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The Center thanks everyone who helped make our Cultivating Nonviolence event on March 3rd a great success with our many donors, members of the community, and our Board in attendance!

Throughout the night, Neighborhood Strings, Worcester Chamber Music Society’s community-based program that offers free, classical music lessons to youth from the Main South neighborhood, serenaded the crowd. Sam Deiner, one of the Center’s key facilitators, curricula developers, and trainers was the night’s Peace Educator Award honoree. He engaged the crowd in a passionate speech on cultivating nonviolence and the Center’s peace education philosophy and pedagogy. A Community Peacemaker Award was given to Eriberto Mora, a sophomore at Clark University majoring in Psychology and minoring in management, with a concentration in Latino Studies. Eriberto was originally trained as a peer mediation and has been a dedicated facilitator of the Center’s Conflict & Cooperation and Healthy Power courses. He strives to be a positive role model to youth and to emphasize the importance of resolving conflict without the use of a physical or verbal force. We again congratulate both honorees on their awards!

At the end of the night, the Center bid a very fond farewell to two of its board members, Elizabeth “Libby” Westie and Martha Yager, both of whom have been active in the Center’s leadership and growth since its founding. We then welcomed a new Board member, Patricia “Patti” Ryan, the Lead Teacher for the Goddard Scholars Academy Innovation School. Patti was the first to welcome the Center to lead Conflict & Cooperation at Goddard Academy and to help foster a relationship between the Center and other leaders at Sullivan. We are excited to have Patti on our Board and look forward to strengthening and expanding the Center’s work to prevent and interrupt violence in the Worcester area.