• Afterschool Youth Peace Education

    We are pleased to be working in our second 15-week session of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant at Sullivan Middle School (Sullivan). The program runs every Wednesday from...

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  • Cultivating Nonviolence Event

    The Center’s thanks everyone who helped make our Cultivating Nonviolence event on March 3rd a great success with many donors and members of the community and our Board in attendance!

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Peacemaker Profile: Eriberto Mora

Eriberto, a first-generation college student from Worcester in his junior year at Clark University, is primarily focused on teaching the principles of positive role modeling, as well as the importance of nonviolent conflict resolution. Being an American of Mexican heritage, Eriberto seeks to encourage effective collaboration andEribert_headshot.JPGcommunication between different cultures. He sees peace education as a vital effort towards this goal because it helps youth develop with a foundational understanding of how to redirect resources into preserving unity, rather than destroying it. Eriberto is an old friend of the Center. He was first trained by the Center to serve as a Peer Mediator while in high school at University Park Campus School. Eriberto has since served as a key facilitator for the Center's Conflict & Cooperation and Healthy Power courses, and will be facilitating Worcester East Middle School’s inaugural Healthy Power program this year. Eriberto is active in the Clark community and swims for relaxation. We are grateful to have Eriberto working with us as a peacemaker. Thank you, Eriberto! 



Spring Activity

It was a busy spring for the Center. Every Wednesday throughout the school year we taught thirty energetic middle school students in the 21st Century Community Learning after-school program at Worcester’s Sullivan Middle School. Sessions emphasized how to assess their conflicts and transform them nonviolently. To liven up the afternoon, we included some theater games and profiles of real life peace-builders.

Our 21st Century program culminated in the production of “Rewind the Conflict,” a short, original skit written and performed by the students for their families on May 27. Our Sullivan students came from all over the world and it was a joy to be with them and to watch them evolve in their capacity to collaborate with one another. We expect more to come from these future peace-builders!


While our facilitators worked with youth, staff and board members participated in numerous community forums, lending the Center’s voice of support for promoting restorative practices in our schools, reducing gun violence, and improving race relations.

We spent a pleasant afternoon engaging students at Assumption College's Peace, Planet, and Positivity Rally on May 4th. The event was billed as a time for "students and community members to join together to recognize the interconnected human and moral necessity of ensuring social and economic justice, addressing climate change and environmental degradation, promoting sustainability, and demonstrating racial equality."


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If We Don't Teach Peace

“If We Don't Teach Peace” (2011) is a sixteen-minute documentary about the Center for Nonviolent Solutions work. Through interviews with members of the Center's Board, staff, colleagues, and participants, hear about the importance and efficacy of skills in assessing and transforming conflict toward a culture of peace. This film is dedicated to William P. Densmore, co-founder (along with Michael True) of the Center.

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