• Youth Defining Peace

    Students at Sullivan Middle School continue to inspire and teach us as we work together on developing knowledge and skills related to conflict and peace.

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  • Gathering to Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

    On Thursday January 15th, Center Board members, Paul Ropp, Claire Schaeffer-Duffy, and Martha Yager, participated in a panel discussion on two topics: Dr. King’s Legacy and Current Struggles with Inequality...

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At the Center for Nonviolent Solutions we are working to build peace in our city schools and beyond.




We understand conflict is a fact of life. We know learning and practicing conflict transformation can help reduce the violence in schools, streets, and homes. Our courses provide the skills and tools needed for resolving life’s “fights” nonviolently, tools like CLEAR (Chill Listen Empathize Assert Resolve) and the Conflict Escalator used to identify the root of a problem.

  • Our education programs bring principles of conflict transformation to hundreds of students in Worcester schools and through summer programs.

  • We teach courses emphasizing communication skills and healthy power, train peer mediators, and work with teachers and administrators to develop after-school enrichment.

  • We are committed to participating in community events dedicated to awareness, education, and action.

  • Read about our recent work in 2014 Highlights

We deeply appreciate the positive response to our recent end-of-year appeal. Thank you! The financial support from many individuals, foundations, businesses, municipal and state funders makes this work possible. We welcome additional support as we continue this crucial work.

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If We Don't Teach Peace

“If We Don't Teach Peace” is a sixteen-minute documentary about the Center for Nonviolent Solutions work. Through interviews with members of the Center's Board, staff, colleagues, and participants, hear about the importance and efficacy of skills in assessing and transforming conflict toward a culture of peace. This film is dedicated to William P. Densmore, co-founder (along with Michael True) of the Center.

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