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Our Work

Since the 2010 incorporation, CNVS has been busy with many achievements:

  • Public launch of Community Mediation Services (June 2011-January 2015)
  • Two 10-week Teachers Institutes on Nonviolent Social Movements for local K-12 teachers and administrators
  • Development and implementation of 7 distinct peace education programs and academic enrichment tools/strategies within 3 Worcester Public Schools
  • Three Way of Nonviolence community education/social/fundraising events
  • Film screenings such as “How to Start a Revolution” and “Five Broken Cameras”
  • Mediation trainings and conflict resolution workshops for community members
  • Peer mediation training and support at 3 Worcester Public Schools
  • Sponsorship/participation in multiple community fairs/vigils/events
  • Summer and afterschool programming in social-emotional learning, conflict assessment and transformation skills
  • Community partner on state-funded 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to deliver educational programming afterschool to 60 students for 32 weeks of the 2013-2014 school year and to 50-60 students for 30 weeks in 2014-2015
  • Refined core education curricula and program evaluation
  • Achieved numerous goals in finances; marketing; member engagement; and leadership/operations


Moving forward, the Center will build on its broad base of community support and key partnerships to collaboratively pioneer and deliver peace education at the K-12 level, provide resources for the Worcester community, ultimately to foster a culture of peace. Working towards this vision, a dedicated team of staff and Board members, interns, and volunteers continue to execute operations of strategic planning, financial stewardship, evidence-based program development, and evaluation to ensure that the Center’s vision is realized. As a young and growing non-profit, the Center is committed to helping make Worcester a city steeped in a culture of peace whose youth and greater community are known for their skills in nonviolent resolution.